Boolos, George Stephen
(1940 bis 1996)

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Putnam, Hilary Whitehall 1

"Degrees of Unsolvability of Constructible Sets of Integers"
"The Iterative Conception of Set"
"On Second-Order Logic"
"On Deciding the Truth of Certain Statements Involving the Notion of Consistency"
"Provability, Truth, and Modal Logic"
"For Every a There Is a B"
"To Be is to be a Value of a Variable (or to be Some Values of Some Variables)"
"The Justification of Mathematical Induction"
"The Logic of Provability"
"Nominalist Platonism"
"Reading the Begriffsschrift"
"Iteration Again"
"Basic Law (V)"
"Gödel's Second Incompleteness Theorem Explained in Words of One Syllable"
"Frege's Theorem and the Peano Postulates"

1: Die Beziehung war ein Betreuungsverhältnis im Zuge eines Promotionsverfahrens.

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